Universal was the first company we reached out to for a donation when we decided to launch the crawl. Frankly, we weren't sure what sort of response we'd receive from any of the yarn companies as it's been a rough year for all of them, too. Universal has always supported local shops so we knew that the answer would not be a soul-crushing flat-out rejection. That said, they are a small company, so we weren't expecting anything massive, either.

Then, Yonca, the owner, responded that they would supply prizes for every single shop in the crawl. That's 36 door prizes, people. Maybe this crawl idea was going to work!

Thank you, to Yonca and the Universal team for your constant support, lifting our spirits, and for the amazing prize donation of kits with yarn and patterns for shawls, cowls, hats and more!

Check out their gorgeous yarns and patterns on their website!

Submitted by: Stash Charlotte

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