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How do I participate in the crawl?

You can participate either via Zoom or by watching on our FB page.  However, you should register on this page so that you will receive notifications about where to submit your passport information.

Do I need to register for every shop I want to visit? 

You only need to register once! You will be emailed one Zoom link for the first weekend and a second Zoom link for the second weekend. 

Do I need to register if I’m going to watch on Facebook Live?

Yes, you will need to register in order to receive the passport submission link.

How do I find the Facebook page?

You can find it here - https://www.facebook.com/HaveABallFallCrawl

Can I purchase products from these awesome LYS’s? 

Each shop will highlight some products during the crawl. 

How do I become eligible to win prizes?

Each shop will have opportunities during their visit for you to win prizes.  

How do I become eligible to win the Grand Prize?

Download a copy of the Have a Ball Fall Crawl Passport and fill it in completely. Or, just keep track of the shop name and their pass phrase.  At the end of the crawl, you will be emailed a link to the form where you can submit all that information.

Are the segments being recorded?  

Yes!  So you can watch (or re-watch) on your schedule!

Where do I find the pass phrases for the shops?

They are shared during the live sessions, and of course on the recordings.  Just watch!

How are prizes alloted during each session?

That's entirely up to the shop.  It's easy to do a drawing on Zoom as we can see the participants.  It's hard to do on Facebook Live as the participants are hidden.  Some shops are asking that you follow them on social media and/or register with their shops for their drawings.  This will be discussed during each shop's segment.


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