It was early August, month four (five? some number?) of the disruption known as COVID. A group of local yarn shop owners decided that we needed to do something. We missed our customers, we missed the classes, we missed NORMAL. Rather than wait for “someone” to do “something,” we decided to take action ourselves. That’s how the idea for this crawl began.

It’s been a mad dash to pull this together a virtual crawl, but it’s happening! We reached out to various yarn brands at the last minute and they scrambled to support us. All the shop owners pitched in with the skills that they’d acquired in their pre-yarn shop lives - software engineering, editing, accounting - and skills they’d acquired since becoming yarn shop owners - photography, graphic design, videography and so much more.

We are having a blast sharing our knowlege with each other and working together to bring this crawl to you. Please join us, and join the fun!

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